Nova Scotia's second Natural Hoof Care Practitioner trained by the AANHCP is ready to help your horses grow their best hooves.

 Welcome to Healing Hoof .My name is Susan Stark and I am a professional, trained by the American Association of Natural Hoof Care Practitioners (AANHCP) in the United States.  We trim horse hooves using the wild horses of the American Great Basin as a model.

 This trim mimics the natural wear gained by moving 20 miles a day on unforgiving and arid terrain.  The result is a strong, hard and beautiful hoof. This trim is safe and non-invasive.  It has shown remarkable results for founder, laminitis, navicular, cracks, long toes, under-slung heels as well as for the maintenance of healthy hooves.  

 The hoof is an amazing work of nature that will heal itself and grow towards health given the proper diet, environment and hoof care. Natural Hoof Care Practitioners study diet, lifestyle and use of the horse as it relates to the hoof and can advise on issues that will help your horse grow its best hoof.  Please explore my website & links to learn more.

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