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I serve the Halifax Regional Municipality and Hants County.  Once a month I travel to Truro, Wolfville, Canning, and Bridgewater.  If you live out of my area and your horse is really hurting, please call and I will try to help.



When I visit, I look at your horse’s movement, diet & lifestyle.    I take photographs and measurements and monitor the changes in the hoof over time. I trim on a 4-6 week schedule, depending on the time of year and condition of the hooves. 



If your horse is in shoes and you are considering taking it barefoot, I can help prepare the hoof for transition and advise on the use of hoof boots.


Paddock Paradise

Paddock Paradise, a concept detailed in Jaime Jackson’s book of the same name, is changing how horses are being kept the world over.  It involves converting your field to a 10-30 foot wide track with varied terrain.  Horses are fed hay year round, placed in small piles around the track to encourage movement.  Keeping sleeping/resting areas, water, minerals and food far from each other also keep those hooves moving.


I have studied Jaime’s book and attended a Paddock Paradise clinic as part of my training. I have visited four in various parts of North America.  As well, I have set up my own and can consult with you on how to adapt this concept to our Nova Scotian landscape.







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